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Training & Development

Apart from being a phenomenal stage performer boasting powerhouse vocals and a Sassy on-stage presence, Ramaine is extremely passionate about young artists entering the performing arts industry. Her colourful career spans well over three decades and sheโ€™s learnt many valuable lessons which she loves to share with talented and teachable young people who are willing to work hard.

Youth Theatre

Apart from having been involved in various youth theatre projects in the past, she specifically established the RBL Productions Youth Theatre Development Project in 2016 to run as a programme during school holiday breaks. Kids from the age of 5 and older are accepted in a week long programme of instruction in vocal skills, drama and dance. In her unique and intuitive way Ramaine identifies, coaches and maximises the kidsโ€™ creative talents and sparks in these young ones the desire to develop their skills and potentially make a career of it in the future. The programme also offers a fantastic way to keep the kids constructively active during the school holidays.

Adult Artist Training

Through her many years working with young artists in theatre productions all across South Africa, Ramaine has also become known for her ability to work with and challenge more mature artists, already working within the industry, but who are still in the process of learning various aspects of the business. Many successful local artists today can attribute a significant time of growth in their careers from working for and alongside Ramaine, benefitting from her wisdom, passion and natural ability to identify and challenge artists to become more confident and skilled at their craft.


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